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    Micro-CT Examination of a Rusty Screw Point

    Corrosion in metals can affect a wide array of man-made materials, from reinforced steel in concrete to historic monuments and implanted medical devices. Corrosion causes a loss of strength that can lead to safety hazards in bridges, buildings, and pipelines, as well as in medical devices. The annual direct cost of metallic …

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    micro-CT in entomology

    Micro-CT Applications in Entomology

    MICRO-CT NEWS, ARTICLES, AND INFORMATION February 2018: Micro-CT Applications in Entomology The following articles illustrate benefits in using micro-CT for studying ant taxonomy and biodiversity, as well as for morphological documentation. Also included is an article on using micro-Ct for scanning live insects. More X-Ray microtomography for ant taxonomy This in-depth exploration …

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    Introducing Seth Hogg, Ph.D., Micro Photonics’ new Laboratory Manager

    We wish to welcome Seth Hogg, Ph.D., to his new position as Laboratory Manager. Seth has a unique background that makes him an excellent fit for this position, where he will be broadly responsible for managing our in-house micro-CT imaging lab services. In addition to managing our day-to-day micro-CT scanning services, Seth …

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    Thoughts on Turning Points and Scientific Innovation

    Scientific research has always been global to some extent, with major contributions coming from around the world. But globalization has sped up, with increasing exchanges of ideas, research tools, and scientific collaboration, all made possible by the development of the internet. Micro Photonics has played its own part in this transformation since …

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    SkyScan 1173 from Micro Photonics being used to digitize all species of fish

    With more than 25,000 species identified worldwide, fish demonstrate more species diversity than all other kinds of vertebrates. A unique project using a SkyScan 1173 Micro-CT Scanner from Micro Photonics is changing the way scientists, teachers, students, and amateur ichthyologists will be able to study any fish from around the globe. This …

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    What MicroCT Discovered

    Every historical artifact holds a unique story. Perhaps it is a tale of an individual life forgotten over the centuries or insight into the cultural behavior of a long-defunct society. Forensic archaeologists have the fascinating but painstaking task of studying such artifacts, of analyzing trace amounts of evidence in a search for …

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    Applications of Micro-CT

    What are the applications for Micro-CT? Micro-CT (microtomography) instruments can scan a wide variety of samples.  One easy way to break down the types of applications for micro-CT is by separating them by instrument; those that scan living animals (in vivo) and those that scan everything else (ex vivo).  An explanation of the …

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    How does a micro-CT scanner work?

    What is Micro Computed Tomography (micro-CT)? Micro-CT, and the higher resolution Nano-CT, is like having X-ray vision, only better. It allows you to see the inside of something without having to destroy the object itself. What we typically think of as X-ray vision is similar to planar X-ray images that you get …

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    What is the difference between in vivo micro-CT and ex vivo micro-CT scanning?

    What is the difference between an in vivo micro-CT and ex vivo micro-CT instrument? What does in vivo and ex vivo mean? Simply put, in vivo (latin for within life) is the scanning of live specimens and ex vivo (Latin for out of living) typically refers to things that used to be alive …

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    How much does a Micro-CT scanner cost?

    How Much Does A Micro-CT Scanner Cost? One of the first questions customers ask us is How much is a micro-CT scanner? The short answer is between $240,000 to over $1,000,000. The longer answer, and the reason for the wide price range, is that the price of a micro-CT depends on the …

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