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DEXA InAlyzer – Piximus Comparison

InAlyzer DEXA Systems Compared to the PIXImus System

The DEXA InAlyzer offers a well-tested technology for the measurement of bone mineral density and body composition in laboratory animals. The InAlyzer DEXA systems are as much as five times faster than the PIXImus, and the InAlyzer provides greater precision. A key InAlyzer benefit is the option to handle lab animals as large as 3000 grams, while the PIXImus is limited to 50 grams. The chart below details the two systems.
 InAlyzer DEXALunar Piximus
Scan Time:1min.(Quick), 3min. (Optimum), 5min.(Accuracy)<5 minutes/acquisition
Pixel Size:108 x 108 μm180 x 180 μm
Image Area:14* 21 cm; (21*31.5 cm optional)8 cm x 6.5 cm
Animal Size:10-500 gm, 500-3000 gm (optional)10 - 50 grams
Total BMD Precision:< 1% (CV)SD 0.075 mg/cm², CV 1.5% @ 50 mg/cm²
Total Body Fat Precision:< 1% (CV)1% Fat, 5% @ 20% Fat
ROI Selection:30 ROI, 10 XROI, 30 CROI, 10 CXROI5 ROI
Results:Body Composition (Fat/ Lean/ BMC/ BMD / FAT%)Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in mg/cm², Bone Mineral Content (BMC), in mg, Bone area in cm², %Fat, Lean tissue in grams, Fat tissue in grams
Pixel Pitch:54 μm (108 μm in Analysis)48 μm
Positioning:Center preferred, in scan area lineCustom positioner for animal, immobilization, disposable to reduce contamination
X-Ray Geometry:Cone beam, Stationary area detector
Computer:Windows 10 PC or LaptopPortable Notebook
X-Ray Tube/Generator:Stationary anode, 0.3 mm focal spot, Dual-energy supply, 80/35 kVp @ 500μA
Physical Dimensions:740(W) x 430(D) x 717(H )mm30W x 63D x 33H cm (12 x 25 x 13 in)
Power Environment:90 ~ 264 VAC110-120 VAC (±10%), 5A, 60Hz (±2Hz), 200-240 VAC (±10%), 2.5A, 50Hz (±2Hz), 18-27 °C (64-81 °F) operating temp.
Beam Type:Fan Beam
Weight:115 kg<27 kg

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