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February 2013 - Happy Valentines Day from Micro Photonics with HUGS® and KISSES®

Examining Hershey KISSES and HUGS

Chocolate for Valentines Day brightens everyones day! Every February 14th is filled with romantic gestures, joy, and gifts. Over the last century chocolate has become one of the most recognizable and romantic gifts for Valentines Day. From love-struck men and women, to children exchanging cards with a taped on Hershey KISSES® at school with schoolmates, more than a billion dollars is spent each year for the wonderful treats.

Since the day chocolate was brought from the Aztec back to Spain, the legend has said that chocolate has mythical powers of love and romance. At one point in time it was believed that chocolate was so powerful that doctors once gave prescriptions of chocolate to mend 'broken hearts', and nuns were forbidden from eating it. Modern day science has linked the chemical Phenyl ethylamine to feelings of excitement and attraction.

In 1861 the first heart shaped box was created to hold chocolates. Since then we have had a growing link between chocolate and Valentines Day.  The Hershey Company make some of the most synonymous chocolates for Valentines day - HUGS® and KISSES®! The iconic chocolates come wrapped in their silver foil with a plume of paper wrapping and writing reminiscent of a love note. Today there are a variety of flavors and special edition KISSES®. We are going to investigate 3 of them: the KISSES® milk chocolate, KISSES HUGS®, and KISSES Air DelightTM.

Micro CT has become a standardized tool for research in preclinical orthopedic, life science, material science and can be used on a variety of samples from bones to plastics with metals, baseballs to savory treats as ice cream and chocolate. It can be used to investigate the internal material, structure and even air (voids) within the sample.

With the Bruker MicroCT Skyscan 1173 the samples were scanned with a 30 micron pixel size. Now you can view your favorite HUGS® and KISSES® in these short 3D movies.

Click Here for Hershey KISSES Air DelightTM!

Click Here for Hershey KISSES HUGS®!