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SkyScan 2140 Micro-CT / Micro XRF

Micro XRF with Software for Reconstruction

The SkyScan 2140 extends the boundaries of non-destructive 3D imaging by adding true 3D chemical analysis capabilities to high resolution microtomography. It combines in one instrument a micro-CT scanner, which provides high-resolution morphological information and absorption correction maps for chemical analysis, and a full-field 3D micro-XRF scanner for reconstruction of 3D chemical composition inside the sample.

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Now you can not only see inside a sample but you can find out what chemicals are there and where they are located.  To give the instrument a test drive call (866) 334-4674  or email: ben@microphotonics.com


                  Sandstone                                                    Particles in Resin                                             Rice Root                             

Introduction to X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF)

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is the phenomena of secondary X-ray emission from a material that is bombarded with higher energy X-rays. The secondary X-rays (or fluorescence) have unique energy characteristics that allow for elemental and chemical analysis by special energy-dispersive detectors.  The atoms within a sample consist of unexcited electrons in discrete energy levels (electron shells) that are bound to the nucleus. When high energy X-rays barrage the sample, some tightly bound inner electrons are ejected from their orbitals. The emission of an electron creates a “hole” or an unstable state in the atom that is then filled by a higher level electron. The drop in energy of the electron causes the release of a photon is a distinct energy profile.


                                    Rat Vertebra with Strontium                                    Trace Detection of Platinum                           

Introduction to X-ray Microtomography (Micro-CT)

Microtomography uses a similar technique as X-ray tomography systems used in medicine (CT Scans) but with much finer resolution. Multiple 2D X-ray images are stored while either the sample or the source / detector pair is rotated. Internal structures are reconstructed as a series of 2D cross sections which are then used to analyze the two and three dimensional morphological parameters of the object. The process is nondestructive and requires no special preparation of the specimen.

The powerful imaging capabilities of X-ray tomography are now available in a range of desktop instruments suitable for microscopic imaging of small objects with a wide range of applications: 3D bone analysis, food studies, soft tissue research, insects, microelectronics, materials, geological studies and more. Specialized software (CTAn) has been developed for the analysis of Micro-CT images including bone morphometry, porosity, fractal analysis and more (see related pages).



  • Unique energy-dispersive detector acquires 2D projection of the spatial distribution for all chemical elements simultaneously
  • All chemical elements from Chlorine to Uranium can be detected
  • Co – registered 3D micro-morphology and 3D chemical composition
  • List Mode acquisition allows reconstructing 3D distribution of additional chemical elements without rescanning the sample
  • Supplied with software for reconstruction, 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization

X-ray source : 20-50 kV / 40 W
X-ray detector: 1.3 Mp, 14 bit cooled CCD
3D spatial resolution: 10 μm detail detectability, 16 μm low-contrast
X-ray sources: 2 x 50kV / 200W
X-ray detector: 1024x1024 pixels, cooled 16 bit cooled CCD operated in energy-sensitive photon counting mode.
3D spatial resolution: 13 μm detail detectability, 40 μm low contrast resolution
Scanning volume: 13 mm in diameter, 12 mm in length (9mm in one scan)
Object mounts:supplied two mounts for different object sizes
Radiation safety:< 1microSv/h at any point of the instrument surface

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