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DEXA InAlyzer System for measuring BMD and body composition in lab animals.

The role of DEXA in obesity and osteoporosis research

Biomedical research is essential for confronting the complex factors that underlie the nation’s major health issues, including skyrocketing obesity and rising osteoporosis in our aging society. InAlyzer® DEXA Systems use dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) to measure bone mineral density and body composition in laboratory animals. This simple, quick, and noninvasive technology …

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Micro-CT Applications for Oil and Gas Exploration

Progress and developing trends of unconventional oil and gas geological research ABSTRACT “The progress in pore structure characterization, hydrocarbon occurrence state, mechanism of oil and gas accumulation, main controlling factors and high production model of unconventional oil and gas is reviewed”. Future challenges in unconventional oil and gas geological research and engineering …

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Micro-CT for Imaging an Automobile Part

New High-Capacity 3D X-ray Microscopy Generates Excellent Image Quality in Just Seconds Now it is possible to scan larger, dense objects with a desktop micro-CT instrument, obtaining excellent image quality in as little as 12 seconds. Bruker’s new SkyScan 1273 handles objects up to 500 mm length, 300 mm diameter, and a …

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