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Micro-CT Applications for Quality Control in Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • 29 May, 2018
  • Sumita Chandiramani
  • Micro-CT

Micro Computer Tomography for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging analysis Micro-CT allows 3D, non-destructive investigation of pharmaceutical packaging, helping meet growing needs to analyze the level of quality, safety and reliability of medical devices, and contributing to quality improvement. This article looks at numerous applications of Micro CT for verification of integrity, …

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Micro-CT of Aseptic Packaging Closure Using the Bruker SkyScan 1173

Product Development: Using Micro-CT to Examine Aseptic Packaging Aseptic packaging allows food and pharmaceutical products to be stored without refrigeration for six months or more while optimizing food quality and nutrition. This improved stability offers many benefits such as simpler shipping and storage, convenience to the consumer, and reduction in food waste. …

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