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We have several of our products available for demonstration. We are happy to provide a free demonstration on one of the instruments for new customers to help determine if the system is right for your application. If you'd like to request a free demo, please complete the form below:

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Have you ever heard of the Yellowstone Supervolcano?

Micro-CT for Geology Remember in 2012 when the Yellowstone Supervolcano was supposed to erupt into a global catastrophe? Fortunately, the science of predicting eruptions has advanced greatly in the last 25 years, according to scientists at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. They estimate the probability of another major eruption as 1 in 730,000 …

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Multi-scale X-ray Nano-CT | Micro-CT

Bruker today introduced the SkyScan 2211 Nano-CT

  • 20 February, 2016
  • microphotonics-admin
  • Micro-CT

SkyScan 2211 Nano-CT Bruker today introduced the SkyScan™ 2211, a new high-resolution X-ray nano-CT (computed tomography) system with the widest available range of object sizes and spatial resolutions. With the SkyScan 2211, for the first time one single instrument is capable of non-destructive scanning and 3D reconstruction of internal microstructures of large objects, …

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