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The TR200 Surface Roughness Tester is a portable instrument for measuring surface finish and offers comprehensive analysis with 13 different roughness parameters.

The large LCD displays tabular data for different parameter. The software includes a calibration routine. The TR200 roughness gague can operate on various surfaces including outer cylinder, outer cones, grooves and recesses and holes. The piezo-electric operated diamond stylus insures very reliable measurement which conforms to US and international standards.  The TR200 roughness gauge comes with the TS100 stylus and there are optional probes for measuring curved surfaces such as outer cylinders and cones, a right angle stylus, a stylus for deep groves and more. 

 TS100 - The TS100 is the standard stylus supplied with the TR200.  It is great for a large range of materials and shapes.  The diamond is at the tip, facing down of the stylus.

TS110 - The TS110 is designed to fit into grooves.  It is simiilar to the TS100, but the diamond is lowered 3mm from the body of the stylus.  This allows the tip to fit into grooves  where the TS100 can not. 

TS120 - The TS120 is designed to fit into tight spaces, such as bored out holes.  The body frame of the stylus is smaller so the diamond sits only 1mm from the end of the stylus.  So when you need to measure at a weld site or next to a wall, the TS120 is the best fit.

TS130 - TS130 is similar to the TS110, but extends the diamond 10mm from the frame of the stylus.  This is perfect for O-ring groves that require a strict roughness.

TS140 - The TS140 is the right angle stylus.  When it is required to get a measurement in a tight space were the instrument can not fit.  This is a great tool for machined part with odd angles.

With the TR200, many Stands are available. Highly accurate and sturdy stands with magnetic bases or granite bases. 









Kit includes: TR200 instrument, TS100 stylus, case, charger, test plate, protective nose, steel support and instruction manual.

1 Year Warranty                            Order Online or Call 866-334-4MPI (4674)


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  • Fully integrated system
  • User-friendly menu
  • Large LCD display
  • 13 different roughness parameters
  • Auto-off after 5 minutes with auto-store
  • Recalibration available upon request
  • Long-lasting Li-ion rechargeable battery

Specifications of TR200 Surface Roughness Tester
Roughness Parameters
Ra, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp, Rmax, Rm, R3z, S, Sm, Sk, tp
Profiles Measured
Primary profile (P), Roughness Profile (R) tp curve (Mr)
Measuring Systems
Metric (microns), Imperials (microinch)
Display Features
Detector stylus position indicator, Battery level indicator, direct display of parameters and profiles, direct printing, LCD Brightness adjustment, auto-off after 5minutes with auto-store, calibration through software (each cut-off)
Display Languages
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
Data Output
Printer TA220
Ra,Rq: 0.01 to 40microns
Rz, Ry, Rp, Rt, R3z:0.02 to 160microns
Sm, S: 2 to 4000microns
tp: 1-100% (%Ry)
Sk: 0-100%
Measurement Accuracy
< ±10%
Sampling Length
0.25mm/ 0.8mm /2.5mm
Max Tracing Length
Tracing Speeds
0.135mm/s @ 0.25mm sampling length
0.5mm/s @ 0.8mm sampling length
1mm/s @ 2.5mm sampling length
Curved Surface Measurment
radius > 25mm (w/ TS110), radius > 45mm (w/ TS100)
Bores Diameter
6mm, depth 15mm (TS110)
Hole Measurement
radius > 1.5mm, depth <9mm, radius=1.5mm use TS120
Digital Filter
RC, PC-RC Gaussian, D-P
Standard model TS100, inductive, Diamond tip radius 5microns
Li-Ion Battery Rechargeable
Battery Capacity
1000mAh (>3000measurements)
220V/110V, 50Hz
Working Temperature
5 to 40 degreeC