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SkyScan 2011 Nano-CT

Nano-CT is a Standalone Laboratory System

The SkyScan 2011 is a revolutionary laboratory nanotomography (nano-CT) scanner with spatial resolution in the range of hundreds of nanometers. This spatial resolution in volume terms is equal to or better than that of synchrotron tomography. For the first time true sub-micron tomographic imaging is available in a laboratory instrument. The 2011 nano-CT employs an open-type X-ray source with a LaB6 cathode which achieves the unprecedented focal spot size of <400nm. At this small spot size, small-angle scattering enhances object details down to 150-200nm. A sophisticated object manipulator allows object positioning and rotation with an accuracy of better than 100nm. The X-ray detector is based on an intensified CCD with single photon sensitivity. The object is scanned under normal environmental conditions, without any coating, vacuum treatment or other preparation.

Introduction to X-ray Nanotomography (Nano-CT)

Nanotomography uses a similar technique as X-ray tomography systems used in medicine (CT Scans) but with much finer resolution. Multiple 2D X-ray images are stored while either the sample or the source / detector pair is rotated. Internal structures are reconstructed as a series of 2D cross sections which are then used to analyze the two and three dimensional morphological parameters of the object. The process is nondestructive and requires no special preparation of the specimen. For comparison, medical CT systems have pixel sizes in the range of 1mm, the SkyScan 2011 nanotomograph can acquire images with 150 nanometer pixel size...that is about 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair!

The powerful imaging capabilities of X-ray tomography are now available in a range of desktop instruments suitable for microscopic imaging of small objects with a wide range of applications: 3D bone analysis, food studies, soft tissue research, insects, microelectronics, materials, geological studies and more. Specialized software (CTAn) has been developed for the analysis of Nano-CT images including bone morphometry, porosity, fractal analysis and more (see related pages).

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  • Standalone laboratory system
  • Detail detectability under 200 nm
  • Integrated anti-vibration platform
  • No X-ray optics: all parts of object always in focus
  • Single computer or cluster (optional) 3D reconstruction
  • 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization
  • X-ray source
    open (pumped) type 20-80kV, LaB6 filament, W target
  • X-ray detector
    intensified 1280x1024 pixels, 12bit CCD with FireWire output
  • Positioning accuracy
    <100nm for rotation during scanning, <200nm overall stability
  • Spatial resolution
    <150nm pixel size (isotropic), 400nm low-contrast (10%MTF)
  • Object size
    0.2-1mm for max. resolution, 11mm max.diameter (9µm pixels)
  • Typical scanning time
    15-90min for entire object volume (1280x1280x900 pixels)
  • Radiation safety
    1µSv / h at any point on the instrument surface

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