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SkyScan 1178 Micro-CT

X-ray Scanner with Two Source/Camera Pairs to Double Scanning Speed

The SkyScan 1178 is an ultra-fast micro-CT system for high throughput in-vivo and in-vitro scanning of small laboratory animals, for material science and for industrial process control applications. The X-ray scanner supplied in two possible configurations: fastest version contains two source-camera pairs and cost-effective version contains one source-camera pair. The typical scanning + reconstruction cycle for a full volume (512 x 512 x 512 pixels cube) is less than 45 seconds. During scanning the source-camera assembly is turning around the object, which remains statically in the carbon-composite bed. The instrument supplied with integrated physiological monitoring for in-vivo small animal scanning, including colour real-time imaging of the animal during investigation, gating or time-resolved imaging of breathing and heart beats, body temperature measurement and stabilization, etc. The scanner can operate fully automatically from a front panel pushbutton.

Introduction to X-ray Microtomography (Micro-CT)

Microtomography uses a similar technique as X-ray tomography systems used in medicine (CT Scans) but with much finer resolution. Multiple 2D X-ray images are stored while either the sample or the source / detector pair is rotated. Internal structures are reconstructed as a series of 2D cross sections which are then used to analyze the two and three dimensional morphological parameters of the object. The process is nondestructive and requires no special preparation of the specimen.

The powerful imaging capabilities of X-ray tomography are now available in a range of desktop instruments suitable for microscopic imaging of small objects with a wide range of applications: 3D bone analysis, food studies, soft tissue research, insects, microelectronics, materials, geological studies and more. Specialized software (CTAn) has been developed for the analysis of Micro-CT images including bone morphometry, porosity, fractal analysis and more (see related pages).

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  • Two source/camera pairs to double scanning speed
  • Full body mouse scan in 25 – 29 seconds (two source-camera pairs systems)
  • Fast cluster reconstruction during next scanning
  • Interchangeable bed holder to combine with PET, SPECT and bioluminiscence
  • Integrated physiological monitoring (breathing, movement detection, ECG) for gating and time-resolve imaging
  • Software for 2D/3D image analysis, bone morphology and realistic visualization
  • X-ray source(s)
    one or two sealed metallo-ceramic tubes 20-65kV, 40W
  • X-ray detector(s)
    one or two digital X-ray cameras 1280x1024 pixels, 12bit
  • Scanning volume
    82mm diam., 82mm single scan length, 200mm full scan length
  • Voxel size (isotropic)
    80µm (1024x1024x1024) or 160µm (512x512x512pixels)
  • Min. scanning time
    less than 40s (160µm), 1min 50s (80µm) for entire volume
  • Reconstruction time
    45s (160µm), 3min (80µm) for entire volume during acquisition
  • Gating
    breathing, heartbeat
  • Radiation safety
    <1µSv / h at any point on the instrument surface during scan

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